Thursday, February 5, 2009

Absence of Seasons

Time as a master is hard to appease,
He moves on quick cadence,
Pulling us along,
We're bound to him by chains
Made of heart beats,
No time for rest,
No time for a breath in the absence of seasons,
Toiling hard, we each reap more years
For Mater Time's great store,
We keep tally for him,
We celebrate each new year we add,
As though it may be the last
Troubled by the continual push
Of past or present,
Free of worry,
Free of care,
Where time doesn't matter,
Because life moves more nicely,
On the path to the end.
We do this each year,
Never realizing our hope,
Until the last breath is spent,
The last heart beat in the chain finally breaks,
And we pass Time on the road,
He stops,
He stares,
He forgets us,
And moves on.


  1. This is a really great poem. Poetry means a lot to me and this definitely inspired me.