Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, today as I was coming home (to my dorm, which I do not really count as a home, more of a prison of Academia) I was stuck in traffic for 25 minutes. Why? Because there were three accidents at the largest most congested roads. And I thought to myself, "Are there more accidents because the weather is better". And as I thought this, with my window down, the cool spring like breeze blowing through my hair, and my music turned up (because the windows were down, and for some reason traffic has an annoying habit of being loud), I realised that I was no longer paying attention to traffic. I whipped my head up (this is for you mom) and saw the tail lights of the motorist in front of me, just in time. In a feat of near epic motor skill proportions, I deftly braked, cut in front of a car in the right lane, sped up a little, gave my dad's patented "are you an idiot, because that was obviously your fault" stare to the driver of the other car, even though it wasn't entirely their fault that they had to brake for a red light, and proceeded to pull in front of them the moment the light turned green. That finished, I decided that yes, most certainly, good weather causes more accidents than bad weather. Bad weather just causes worse accidents, which is why we think we are safe in good weather. But do not be deceived! And because of my thinking, and subsequent near accident, it is no longer necessary for anyone who reads this blog to think about that question while driving. There is my good for the day. Perhaps I saved a life, a car, or a city a few hours of traffic. All... free of charge.

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